Royalty Challenge Exclusive to WCCD Nationals

IMG_10339080209322WCCD are proud to announce some very exciting and exclusive news today.

On the 15th & 16th of November 2014 the very first WCCD NATIONALS Event will be held.

This WCCD event will be a COMPETITION LIKE NO OTHER and will bring with it many new and exciting changes. The first change we can reveal is the introduction of the WCCD ROYALTY CHALLENGE!!!

Does your Team have what it takes to earn this fantastic WCCD EXCLUSIVE Title?

Entries are currently being accepted so get in now so you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

For more information please contact our Event Staff on E: or P: 1300 739 511.

There are many more exciting changes to be announced so stay tuned and be part of the excitement in the lead up to WCCD’s newest MAJOR NATIONAL EVENT.

Updated Entry Forms

Entry forms for all WCCD events have been updated! Please ensure you complete one of these forms when you enter the events.

Entries for the Rockhampton Spirit Challenge have now closed. Entries for the Brisbane Spirit Challenge are open now with early entry prices available until 11 April 2014.

Competition Entries Due Soon!

Just a reminder to check all updated calendar and entry cut-off dates as entry forms for the first event are due soon!

18 May Rockhampton Spirit Challenge
Early Entry due 14 March 2014

13-15 June QLD Spirit Challenge
Early Entry due 11 April 2014

19-20 July NSW Spirit Challenge
Early Entry due 16 May 2014


Welcome to 2014

Welcome to 2014!

WCCD wishes all schools and clubs a great start to the season. Feel free to contact us at any time for help with workshops, credentialing, choreography, membership and competitions.

How WCCD Can Help Cheer and Dance Clubs Get Started

In Australia, there are numerous events and competitions being held all over the country every year. Thanks to the efforts of World Cup Cheer and Dance athletes are able to obtain the opportunity to develop and showcase their skills and talents. They also get the chance to join top-tier international and national events and compete with other talented athletes from other countries.

WCCD, strives to grow the sport and make it more popular in this country. As such, they are providing different kinds of services and assistance for those who are interested in cheerleading. If you’re seeking to establish a cheer team or dance club, the organisation can help you get started. WCCD has many programs that are geared towards helping clubs join the cheer and dance world.

For example, through the group’s coaching assistance program, you’ll be able to find a suitable coach for your team. WCCD can also send one of its staff members to your club and act as a guest presenter so he or she can teach your cheerleaders the things they need to know about the sport. And most of all, the group can provide you assistance with your team’s coaching development.

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The WCCD Cheer and Dance Experience

Cheer and dance is more than a competitive sport and a fun-filled activity. Participating in such an event is the perfect opportunity for athletes to hone their skills and improve their athleticism. In addition, it helps them grow as a person by teaching them lessons, such as teamwork, patience, perseverance, and dedication that can be useful later on in their lives.

World Cup Cheer and Dance, or WCCD, is an organisation that is committed to growing the sport in Australia. Renowned for being the leading producer of national dance and cheer events and competitions, it organises some of the best events in the country that will delight both cheerleaders and spectators. And through these events, the group is able to provide all participants with loads of fun and the chance to gain unique and valuable experiences.

For cheer and dance athletes, participating in events organised by WCCD gives them the opportunity to develop their skills and be the best they can. And if they win a competition, especially the high-level ones, they can get bids to join the IASF Worlds and other international events where they get the chance to meet and compete with some of the best cheer teams, dance clubs and squads across the globe. They also get to bring home fantastic trophies, gifts, and medals, as well as the right to be called the best in the sport.

Even if they fail to win, cheerleaders can still get something valuable from joining WCCD events. For starters, they will get tons of exposure and experience that can help them the next time they join a competition. They also get the chance to learn from the feedback of judges from Australia, Asia, and the United States.

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A Closer Look at Exciting World Cup Cheer and World Cup Dance Events

Cheerleading began as a way to encourage sports teams to do their best and, believe it or not, males were the only ones who were allowed to participate in this activity. Today, however, it is considered a sport in its own right and team memberships are no longer limited to boys in fact girls make up over 80% of membership.  And over the years, this fun activity has become so popular across the globe, including Australia that various events and competitions are being held annually, culminating in the World Championships.

World Cup Cheer and Dance or WCCD, in particular, organises some of the best and the most exciting cheer and dance events in the country. In these events, cheer athletes are given the opportunity to showcase their skills and grow both as a person and a cheerleader. Participating in WCCD competitions also helps to build teamwork and develops camaraderie with fellow athletes.

As mentioned earlier, WCCD holds various events for those who want to compete and improve their cheerleading skills. The WCCD Classic Championship, for instance, is the perfect way for cheer athletes to jumpstart their cheer and dance season. During this classic event, judges give valuable comments and feedback that help cheer teams, squads, and dance clubs improve their craft. As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. Cheer athletes can build upon the feedback they have received and the experience they have gained to further enhance their skills. Many teams take advantage of WCCD workshops where our experienced coaches and choreographers visit to personally help structure a team’s routine.

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